In Between Yesterday and Tomorrow Was Us

13 November 2014

  • Doors: 13 November 2014, 19:00
  • Julie Matson (Montreal)
  • APO33 (France and international)
  • Les Sœurs Prélubrifiées (Montreal)

To celebrate the 11th edition of the festival Les HTMelles, ZERO FUTURE, Eastern Bloc presents, in collaboration with Studio XX, a very special evening of live performances.

Bringing sound and vision together in three acts, this event features international and local artists experimenting with the narrative form in order to create multisensory experiences that blur the line between the individual and the collective, between the solitary and the communal. Take part in this journey across multi-sense-scapes.


This soundscape explores the erratic chronicles of the artist's many childhood addresses; each move offering hope for a different future – a stable, secure future – inevitably running up against the challenges of a single-parent income in the capitalist culture of the 1980s. Sonifying the hand-drafted data of each location and address, this work layers emotional intonations with concrete sounds, providing an aural landscape of Matson's FUTURES, PAST.

G.I.A.S.O. (Great International Audio Streaming Orchestra)

JJenny Picket (Nantes) and Julien Ottavi (Nantes) with Shelly Knotts (Birmingham), Eva Ursprung (Graz), Kadet Kuhne (San Francisco), elpueblodelchina (Santiago de Chile), Keiko Uenishi (Vienna), Antye Greie-Ripatti (Hailuoto)

G.I.A.S.O. is a networked–distributed A/V performance. The performance crosses time zones and uses the Internet as the place of interaction between musicians: a collaborative method for creating and writing new musical aesthetics. Negotiating time, space, noise, and delay, accelerated composition mitigating a decelerated listening experience, #zerofuture returns in force with the G.I.A.S.O.

See also: IceStream workshop, November 11, 6–9 PM, at Eastern Bloc Lab.

The Devil Inside Us: A Witch Opera Evoked by The Pre-Lubed Sisters

The Pre-Lubed Sisters offer futurities hacked by digital witches, sonic cackles, and decompositional nightmares. The artists’ choice to disrupt neoliberalism comes by way of the Witch Opera, embracing storytelling and sonic dissonance to haunt the future, halting its path of destruction. They will conduct a series of hauntings in the city, manifestations of the uncanny, the grotesque, the ugly. These hauntings will exist as chapters of the witch opera. The Pre-Lubed Sisters want revenge on the devil within us.


13 November 2014

  • Doors: 13 November 2014, 19:00