Homemade Sound Systems

10 June 2013, 19:00

  • Hélène Prévost
  • Stéphane Claude
  • Philippe Aubert-Gauthier

During the Festival Suoni per il Popolo

These three Montreal artists build their own sound systems by either repurposing off the shelf equipment or by building their own. Former SRC radio host Hélène Prévost will customize her own sound system using headphones, very small speakers and domestic speakers. A variety of sound sources will be distributed through the speakers. Stéphane Claude will assemble a hybrid sound system comprised of home HIFI speakers, battery powered speakers, planar speakers and a subwoofer. Philippe Aubert-Gauthier will employ a loudspeaker array built in 2007 based on beamforming technology which direct sound beams which interact with the physical surfaces of the public space. The system will be driven by tapes, computers and processing devices.

The Suoni Per Il Popolo is presented by the Société des Arts Libres et Actuels (SALA), a Montreal based non-profit organization which was incorporated in 2002. Rooted in exploratory musical forms, the SALA is committed to presenting avant garde and experimental music and sound within a community context.


10 June 2013, 19:00