Inner Space - Fly Pan Am Recommends

6 - 14 May 2020

  • For Inner Space, we are asking artists, curators, and art critics to submit a list of their artistic top 10 of the moment.
  • Let's discover what Fly Pan Am has for us this week!

Agostino Di Scipio: Hörbare Ökosysteme,2,0.html

Disc discovered by chance because it was on Édition RZ. 

The beauty of the fragility of electronic sounds and the relationship between them. Then these and the instruments. 


Moniek Darge: Soundies (Selected Work 1980-2001)

Comes out on the American label, now deceased, Kye,

An interesting and challenging mix of instruments, synthesis, and sound art created in their ensemble New Audio Worlds that are both comfortable and strange.


Bob Bellerue: Damned Piano and Hollow Body

I've seen Bob perform Damned Piano at least twice, originally in 2014, Hollow Body. The textures that he knows how to bring out of his instruments by using them as a sounding board are of great beauty. To my ears, we are moving away from "noise" and getting closer to the colors of a rainbow of Nietzschean sound. 


Jean-Pierre Gauthier

Stochastic Generator by Jean-Pierre Gauthier


Inspired by chaos theory, the polyphonic installation Générateur stochastique allows visitors to try to control in vain the random music created by the activation of controllers and kinetic sensors. The visitor's action triggers a series of mechanical and electrical operations that bring the work to life. 



Selling SEF III by SEF III (Alexander Moskos, Duncan Moore and Max Eilbacher)


A concept album about an intelligent computer named SEF III that invades the physical and mental space of its owner, Phil. Electronic and abstract concrete music, but catchy and fascinating at the same time. The sound equivalent of reading a good dystopian science fiction book with a touch of black humor.




Performance of the Order of the Unspeakable of Enters at the Église du Très-Saint-Nom-de-Jésus last summer in Hochelaga. Enters is a project composed of Alexei Perry Cox, Jacob Wren and Radwan Ghazi Moumneh.


Cucina Povera 

Performance at the Sala Rossa during the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, which presented the presence of an ineffable present. Musical project by the Glasgow-based Finnish musician Maria Rossi.


Zach Blas

Work: Contra-Internet. Far-sighted access to the theoretical concept of utopian plagiarism in artistic practice. Zach Blass is an artist, filmmaker and writer whose practice covers moving images, calculus, theory, performance and science fiction. 


Robert Hampson

For his work of deconstruction of the guitar within the duo "Main" at the beginning of the '90s, which eventually led him to work with GRM in order to come up with electroacoustic sound research which is very particular to him.


Jessica Ekomane

Generative music played in a quadraphonic environment. His work explores repetition and the difference of subtle variations, creating a spatial and rhythmic polyphony that reveals the many different modes of perception that can occur in the same sequence of notes.


About Fly Pan Am

Fly Pan Am formed in Montreal in 1996 and played their earliest shows with many of the city’s emerging instrumental and experimental rock groups (including Exhaust, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and The Shalabi Effect) in various alternate venues and extra-official warehouses during the late '90s. The band’s four founding members worked through four Constellation release from 1998-2004 and went on hiatus in 2005. They are: Roger Tellier-Craig (guitars, tapes, electronics, vocals); Jonathan Parant (guitars, tapes, electronics, vocals); J.S. Truchy (bass, tapes, electronics, vocals) and Félix Morel (drums, tapes). Eric Gingras (guitars, organs, percussion) joined the group in 2002.

Fly Pan Am has also collaborated with electronic artists Tim Hecker and Christof Migone, including a number of unreleased recording sessions, some of which can be heard on Constellation’s Song of the Silent Land compilation, as well as on Tim Hecker’s Mirages and on one track from N’écoutez pas.

Fly Pan Am has toured Europe and North America numerous times, sharing bills with GY!BE, Do Make Say Think, Stereolab and Broadcast, among others. They have performed twice at Fonderie Darling, the Montreal installation art centre run by Quartier Ephemere. They spent a week performing in Portugal in 2002, at the invitation of Visao Periferica, and played the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in 2004.

The group reunited in 2018 for a performance in Montreal, their first live show in 14 years.

6 - 14 May 2020