26 October 2017, 19:00

  • Moxus (JP) - Illest Preacha (MTL) - Marc Matatya (MTL) - Vieux Néant (MTL) - Elby (QC) - Esteban Betancur (CO) - VJ BunBun (MTL) - Tina Salameh (MTL
  • LB) - Stephanie Castonguay (MTL) - GAR (IT) - yecto (MX)

Algorave is a global movement where artists improvise with electronic and algorithmic processes to produce live visuals and sounds.


The event will begin with a display of mexican-inspired live coding style that will be presented by the participants of the Live Coding workshop at Eastern Bloc, and will be followed by performances from:

Moxus (JP) / Illest Preacha (MTL) 
Marc Matatya (MTL) & Vieux Néant (MTL) 
Elby (QC) / Esteban Betancur (CO) 

VJ BunBun (MTL) / Tina Salameh (MTL/LB) / GAR (IT)
Stephanie Castonguay (MTL) & yecto (MX) 


Doors : 19:00 / Performances : 20:00

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26 October 2017, 19:00