Data : Salon XXVI

18 March 2015, 19:00 - 22:00


Temporal Drone is a psychedelic electro-visual hybrid performance in which the motion of dancer Alessandra Rigano is live-streamed and visually manipulated by Guillaume Vallée, while spectators are immersed in drone music by Hazy Montagne Mystique.

The performance is, in other words, a material and physical dialogue between three disciplines: dance, video, and music.

Rigano harnesses her background in classical ballet to explore corporeal possibilities and the use of scenic space as a medium in itself, interacting directly with images and music. Vallée, who uses old-fashioned technologies and projection devices (16mm projector, analog video console, MiniDv camera), transforms the dancer’s minimal motion by creating feedback and other direct interventions on the video signal and 16mm film in order to create new visual perception. Finally, Hazy Montagne Mystique constructs an organic and textured audio landscape in response to the rest of the performance. Most of Temporal Drone is improvised to leave room for the artists’ creative impulse. Through their physical presence and manual intervention into the visual and acoustic components of the work, the creative process is set directly on stage for a very lively multimedia experience. 

Over the Rainbow and back again is an invitation to travel beyond the clouds and into the world of divinities.

Composed of three pieces, Annette - The Dancing Umbrella, Sound Claws and Halo Piece, the work experiments with the art of performance, the limits of the human body (and nature), and the expansion of its power. Umbrella frames, metal finger extensions, and a circle of light bulbs are used as primary materials in acting out this dream.

Annette - The Dancing Umbrella is a kinetic sculpture that activates an umbrella with the electrical power of an engine and an electronic circuit. The umbrella performs a strange-looking, almost possessed dance. Sound Claws is a kind of Edward Scissorhands brought to life, with disproportionately long and powerful metal fingers capable of the best and the worst. Halo Piecerecreates the strange, divine and intimidating figure of what could be the Christ, but a faceless, obscure Christ. A single halo of light flashes around his gloomy figure. The human being seems to be invested with new powers, beyond reason and corporeal limits. A beautiful yet frightening strangeness. 


18 March 2015, 19:00 - 22:00