Data : Salon XXIV

23 April 2014, 19:00 - 22:00


Adam Basanta and Julian Stein present Invisible Lines, a work in which the sonic relationship between microphones, speakers, and acoustic environments are amplified so that the inaudible may be detected and heard. One might say, even, that it is the beauty of the inactive that is put forth: the “tone” of the piece, the internal noise of the system, are amplified and aestheticized. As well, feedback, which is usually perceived by musicians as an irritating, aggressive, even violent phenomenon, in this work is shown as something that is delicate, calming, even beautiful – a musical work that challenges the status quo. Adam Basanta is a multiple award-winning composer and media artist, whose work traverses electroacoustic, acoustic and mixed composition, as well as audiovisual installations, site-specific interventions, and interactive digital performances. Julian Stein is a composer and sound artist whose work often explores musical applications of the everyday, placing a large focus on intuition and present-experience. His work has been shown in numerous galleries in Montreal. 

Northern Onterrible, by Kerri Flannigan, is a bittersweet narrative of stories about Northern Ontario; it is also a documentary and a popular history. Flannigan tells the story of the planned community of Deep River, the site of the first Canadian nuclear reactor, and originally home to a seclusive community of scientists and their families; and that of Thunder Bay and its radical, ebullient Finnish immigrant community. Video projections, drawings, microfiche slides, and a lecture-performance are simultaneously deployed to question the role and importance of archival documentary research. Kerri Flannigan is an interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal, originally from Deep River. Through drawing, writing, projection, and installation, Flannigan explores methods of experimental narrative and documentary, especially with regards to the histories of small towns, coming of age memoirs, and family histories. Her work is inspired by research as well as her personal history and has been exhibited locally and internationally.


23 April 2014, 19:00 - 22:00