Data : Salon XXI

23 October 2013, 19:00 - 22:00


"Domestic Memorabilia"" is Caroline Blais' first video installation. The artist accumulates objects around her and highlights useful everyday articles and furniture. She also collects several of these items for their sentimental value; to possess traces of bygone eras, of different times and places. With these souvenirs, she recomposes the present to create a unique and timeless world. This project is at once an invitation into the world of the artist, an occasion to present her collection of carefully chosen objects from different times and different places around the world, as well as a moment of reflection on our possessions and the memories to which they are tied. Caroline Blais is a visual artist from Montreal. She has studied film, graphic design and languages in Montreal and in Lapland. Her practice is situated at the frontiers of art and graphic design, and manifests itself in public spaces. Her work has been presented in Canada and in Europe through the mediums of VJ performance, video installation, books and web projects. She draws inspiration from observations of everyday life, the people she meets and travels to incongruous places. Caroline Blais would like to thank CALQ for their support in this project. 

"Photomaton" is a sound installation for three incandescent light bulbs, whose variable intensity is orchestrated with the music. The bulbs are mechanically actuated allowing them to oscillate in a pendulum effect and change height. The piece explores failure and strangeness using 'glitches', electricity, 'hums' and 'buzzes' and pure sinusoids. The small number of lights emphasizes each bulb?s individuality and the narrative aspect of the work. Montreal native Myriam Bleau is a composer and multimedia artist. She currently studies at Université de Montréal in electroacoustic composition. She composes instrumental, electronic, mixed music and realizes sound installations, with an interest in the limits of sensorial perception, the frontiers between styles and between composition and improvisation. Her works have been presented in Canada, in the USA and in Europe and have been recognized in contests such as the Oscar Peterson Competition and CEC?s 60x60 project. She also leads several bands of diverse influences - minimal jazz, post-rock, hip hop with which she?s performed in Montreal festivals such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Art Matters.


23 October 2013, 19:00 - 22:00