Data : Salon XVI

20 June 2012


Thomas Ouellet Fredericks is a New Media and electronics artist whose practice engages with DIY and maker culture. His most recent project, “TVDESTROY” is a work in constant mutation. It has evolved from an interactive installation, to an audio/visual performance, and now exists independently in album format. The work itself proposes an exploration of "8-bit" images and the possibilities that occur when they are transformed into sound. 

Other projects presented are : “Crème Fraîche” and “Grill”, two applications for live audio. They are both inspired by the monome and arc hardware produced by Those present at the upcoming Data : Salon will, however, be able to download a free pre-release copy.

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks is an independent artist, a part-time university teacher and a consultant. After completing a Master's degree in communications at Université du Québec à Montréal in 2003, he specialized in the creation of interactive installations, whose user interfaces are modeled on behavioural and psychological contemporary research. Fredericks' work often uses biological elements, or their simulation, and poses a definite emphasis on the sense of touch. Fredericks' work has been shown nationally and internationally. He lives and works in Montreal.


20 June 2012