Data : Salon XV

25 April 2012


John Boyle-Singfield makes use of a large variety of mediums including video, painting and sculpture. His work questions the place these mediums occupy in a digital world where the Internet is the most predominant of mediums. The artist engages in a dialogue of appropriation and non-authorship throughout his artistic practice. 

The work "Playtime in no Particular Order" is a compilation of excerpts from the film Playtime by Jacques Tati. The artist enacts a simple game of editing on the original film so that several of the film’s key scenes are played in no particular order. This artistic exercise, subsequently posted online, involves the spectator in a subconscious manipulation of images. Will they understand that these images have been altered? 

Boyle-Singfield will also present other recent works, notably two series of paintings inspired by Internet codification: Dialogues deserts, which represents in painted form the phrase “Comments are disabled on this painting,” and 000000 & 00245ff, which represent the html codes for the colours black and navy blue. These works explore art production and dissemination in a world saturated with new technology.


25 April 2012