Data : Salon XIV

21 March 2012


Blind Date by Tatiana Koroleva interprets dating websites as a new age dream world that embodies the most intimate desires of users for ideal relationships. Populated with perfected images of potential lovers, dating networks serve as a modern space for emotional openness, intimacy and romantic exchange that quite often supplements real life relationships. The consumerist context of dating networks encourages polyandrous relationships and provides the possibility of temporary emotional bond between multiple users. The context of the first date serves as a perfect example of the utopianism of contemporary dating culture and unveils the hidden tension programmed in dating networks. What happens when the idealistic world of mediated experiences and real life collide? 

Eastern Bloc is equally happy to present the work of three artists having exhibited in the context of Art Matters, a student run art festival based out of Concordia University. Stéphanie Creaghan and Ralista Doncheva will present their respective video works Mote and Still Moving, whereas JAnick Burn will present video documentation of her performance Le Relais with Alexandre Hurtubise. Mote, by Creaghan, explores the artist’s relationship to semantic construction through language and her body. Still Moving, by Doncheva, is composed of found footage of daily activities, putting them into conversation with each other on a dual screen projection. Finally, Le Relais, by Burn, is a video extract of a more than two hour endurance performance between a man and a woman, transferring a cube of ice between them until it melts, while standing on a platform of wine glasses.


21 March 2012