Data : Salon XII

11 January 2012


In “PARA site” Kfir asks viewers to consider how storytelling can take place phenomenologically, in the absence of cinematic narrative. Entering the installation, the viewer is confronted with a series of fragmentary cinematic loops, which individually evoke displacement, loss, and longing. Collectively, these fragments hint at an unrealized tale that exists in the interstices between one loop and the next. As the viewer moves through the installation, the temporal separation between these cinematic moments gradually emerges as positive space in its own right, becoming the site in which the viewer’s own imagination transforms the fragments into a highly personalized record. 

Friesen’s latest project “Etj Kjenn Nijch Plaut'dietsch” (I Do Not Know Mennonite Low German) is a sound-based installation, in dialogue with the work of Herman Rempel, author of the first Mennonite Plaut’dietsch dictionary. The focus of the installation is a looped endurance-based audio work in which Rempel's voice is heard saying each word in the dictionary out loud, which is then repeated by the artist. In addition to the sound piece occupying the space, silent video documentation of Friesen recording the audio file will play on loop. As well, a large-scale digital black and white paper print of two scanned pages from Rempel’s dictionary hangs on an opposite wall.


11 January 2012