Data : Salon XI

30 November 2011


Charlebois occupies social networking sites in a similar manner that a graffiti artist intervenes in the public space.

Through several blogs, he shares his interests and discoveries in the form of a list of links on his encyclopedic site DAILY WIKI. He also explores concrete poetry across an assemblage of graphic characters on TERNET. On Twitter, he limits himself to combinations of two words, choosing poetic expression within a form of communication limited to 144 characters. And in TRIPLE DOUBLE V, the artist’s metawebsite, tattoo art and performance come together in an all-encompassing perspective that further mystifies the man – machine binary. And in (gestionnaire de fenêtres) DANCING WINDOWS, Charlebois adopts a humorous approach in order to question the ways in which we use digital tools.


30 November 2011