Data : Salon XXIX

16 December 2016, 19:00 - 2:00

  • Camilo Parra
  • Andrew Kittredge

POST-MORTEM by Camilo Parra is a multidisciplinary project combining digital collage and found objects that intend to link elements of Martian and Canadian landscapes revealed through a common emblematic color: red.

POST-MORTEM explores elements of an emblematic Canadian landscape through the intervention and transformation of offset printed pictures of Mars taken by NASA’s Curiosity and Phoenix missions. Using water collected in Montreal’s surroundings as the primary transformative medium, as well as different tools coming from painting, digital editing software, and printing systems, Camilo Parra’s project invites us to reinterpret and explore the Earth, linking extraterrestrial, virtual, and intuitive landscapes with local urban and rural objects. By mixing inert and artificial materials with live elements from nature, Camilo Parra intends to reactivate the notion of death beyond space, media, and images: ultimately, a post-mortem life.

Camilo Parra is a multidisciplinary Colombian artist who has developed processes and techniques to alter printed digital images - mostly taken from space missions -, in order to create unique paintings. The current project he’s developing during his one-month residency at Eastern Bloc is the next step in the development of works he had previously presented at the 2015 international art fair of Bogotá “ARTBO-2015” and during the Open Painting at the art space workshop “El Parqueadero” organized by the Republic Bank of Colombia in 2013.

MONITOR by Andrew Kittredge seeks to create art with scientific instrumentation and describe art scientifically. 

MONITOR consists of a solar-powered microprocessor housed in an aluminum chassis collecting the input of air pollution sensors measuring the concentration of various polluting species. Through the use of Max/MSP, the resulting concentration data is then reinterpreted and presented in various ways in the gallery space. The work presented is analyzed through and accompanied by a scholarly paper written in a standard academic research style. Through the conventional abstract-intro-methods-results-discussion format, Andrew Kittredge proposes to consider the work through a more dispassionate way of thinking: does this project have any scientific merit whatsoever? How does this project fit into other work attempting to bridge the art-science divide? How will the meaning of the ‘data products’ change from an objective point of view?

Andrew Kittredge was born in Columbus, GA. He received his BSc in Atmospheric and Environmental Science from McGill University in Montreal in 2015. Kittredge works primarily with photography and new media. His work has been featured in Folio Magazine. In 2016, Kittredge was awarded an Ansel Adams Memorial Workshop with Alan Ross. Andrew Kittredge lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

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16 December 2016, 19:00 - 2:00