Committees + CA

Boards Of Directors 

  • Katherine Melançon - President
  • Ismail Negm - Treasurer 
  • Esther Bourdages - Secretary
  • Eliane Ellbogen - Administrator
  • William Robinson - Administrator
  • Anna Eyler - Administrator
  • Marie-Samuel Levasseur - Administrator 

Programming Committee 

  • Adam Basanta - Artist
  • Émilie Mouchous - Artist and Curator
  • Cecilia Bracmort - Artist and Curator
  • Alice Jarry  - Artist
  • Erandy Vergara - Curator
  • Martin Rodriguez - Artist and Curator
  • Anna Eyler - Artist

Émilie Mouchous is a sound artist who creates her own electronic instruments. Her audio and spatial investigations are characterized by the creation of autonomous mini-systems and manifest themselves in various ways: radio pieces, series of electronic objects, collaborative free improvisation, internet art. She studies plants, the migration of dragonflies, and electricity.

Alice Jarry is an artist who lives and works in Montreal. Through a site specific practice, her digital art installations explore the role and impact of materiality in the generation of dynamic forms, accidental and fleeting. She is a member of Milieux Institute for Research-Creation (Concordia University) and Hexagram - as well as member of Montreal based Digital Arts Collective Perte De Signal.

Born in Creil, France, Cecilia Bracmort  is an artist/curator whose body of work is questioning layers of identity in our postcolonial/decolonial in progress societies. She lives and work in Montreal since 2013. Her Caribbean heritage (from Martinique and Guadeloupe) influences her practice—photography & writing—and her thoughts on our world that is knowing a deep identity crisis.

Erandy Vergara (also the artistic director of Eastern Bloc) curates, investigates, reads and writes about contemporary and media art. Her main research interests include feminism, global art histories, curatorial studies, postcolonialism, and critical race studies, with a particular interest in recent remix cultures, the strengths and downfalls of science and technology, decolonial uses of media, critical histories of virtual reality, and the aesthetics and ethics of participation. 

Martín Rodriguez's musical and artistic explorations are rooted in his colourful experiences coming from a Polish-Mexican-American home. He is also the co-director of Eastern Bloc.