Eastern Bloc


29 October 2014

Mitchell Stafiej and Robert Feulner start with a film and transform it, giving it new dimensions: a simultaneously voyeuristic and alienating experience. The film, which functions as the piece’s source material, brings us into intimate moments in the lives of several individuals, all of whom were close to a person who was killed a year before the film was made.

Video sequences for a prepared monitor is a video installation that alters your perception of space. Plunged into total darkness, the spectator encounters video images of a moving body.

7pm - 10pm
Free Entry


18 October 2014
Electrochemical Improvisation
Workshop given by Erin Sexton
Price: $40/$34 members

Matter and energy are changing states continually, extending through multiple dimensions that we are just discovering how to perceive. By mixing solid-state electronics with fluid open systems we can explore emergent sonic phenomena, amplifying our experience of the everyday. This workshop will give a brief introduction to basic electrochemistry and crystallization, followed by experimentation with tactile electronics and improvised sound.

Fall 2014 Residency
13 September - 30 November

Vessels is a robotic installation consisting of large groups of autonomous water vehicles. The robotic agents interact with each other and their environment to form a simple ecosystem. Their collective, emergent behaviour resembles the social interactions in a community of living creatures. Observers may empathize with the robots’ behaviours, ascribe intentions and motivations to their actions, and/or draw correlations between the group dynamic and unseen characteristics of their milieu.


Come and join us for our bi-monthly open lab night. Starting on Thursday September 25th at 6PM, and every other Thursday after that. This is a great opportunity to come and find out how to become a member and find out about what our members are working on in a relaxed and casual environment.


Winter 2015 Residency
Deadline for submissions: 21 November 2014, 5pm

Eastern Bloc’ media lab is a space for experimenting, learning, theorizing and creating – a place to further develop systems-based, networked, generative and hybrid practices through an artist-led discourse. The lab is a site of convergence for artists (both emerging and established), professionals, students, technicians, theorists and curators – encouraged to work side by side, supporting one another conceptually as well as technically.

Ongoing call

From September 2014 until June 2015, a bi-monthly event, informal in nature, will showcase the works in progress of Eastern Bloc’s current and potential members. Participating artists receive immediate feedback from the public, are given access to the centre’s exhibition spaces, our technical resources, the team’s expertise and a range of documentations services and marketing tools. Please submit your proposal – in the fields of New Media art – at any time during the 2014 – 2015 season.