Eastern Bloc


25-26 April 2014
Vernissage: 25 April, 6pm – 11pm
Finissage: 26 April, 6pm – 10pm

The Intermedia/Cyberarts program [IMCA] combines media arts, new technologies and interdisciplinary practices: working with video art, electronic art, programming and performance, the students of this year’s graduating class have created a collection of works which show both the technical and conceptual skills they have worked hard to develop.New media are embraced, while the role of technology and our interactions with it are critically examined.


21 April 2014
Workshop given by Stephan Schulz
Next session: 21 April 2014, 9am - 11am
Cost: $80 for the complete series of 8 classes or $10 per class

Stephan Schulz and Eastern Bloc would like to help your kids understand the basic concepts of programming (coding) as it is becoming more and more ubiquitous in our everyday interactions with technology. Your children play online games, apps on your phone or tablet, but do they know that they can create their own?


UKI viral performance LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM
Deadline: 4 April 2014

U.K.I. live performance invites local (Montreal based) and Sight & Sound festival participants working in noise/sound/A-V/free-software/open-hardware genres to join Shu Lea Cheang on a LIVE CODE LIVE SPAM viral trip. As a sequel to Cheang's cyberpunk cult movie I.K.U., the replicants of U.K.I. trade sex for code while a virus is born and multiplied to eventually infect a city and take over the BioNet. Cheang is inviting noise coders to plug in with their laptops/devices on a 70-minute non-stop hyper-jam session, Thursday May 22nd, during the 6th edition of Sight & Sound.

Ongoing call

From September 2013 until June 2014, a bi-monthly event, informal in nature, will showcase the works in progress of Eastern Bloc’s current and potential members. Participating artists receive immediate feedback from the public, are given access to the centre’s exhibition spaces, our technical resources, the team’s expertise and a range of documentations services and marketing tools. Please submit your proposal – in the fields of New Media art – at any time during the 2013 – 2014 season.