Eastern Bloc

Board of Directors

Esther Bourdages
Esther Bourdages is an art historian, curator and sonic explorer. She focuses on new forms of sculpture within an expanded field, as multimedia, web art, sound art.

Danny Perreault
Danny Perreault is an independent artist, cultural worker and course lecturer at UQAM's École des médias. His interests and expertise are centered on the fields of A/V performance, spatialization of videographic projections as well as immersive and interactive environments.

Stéphane Rousseau
Stéphane Rousseau is the designer and creator of the EchoRap, the first 3D printer designed and produced in Montréal. Entrepreneur and founder of Robotic Sequencing, he is interested in 3D printing, automation, firmware design and programming.

Ismail Negm
Ismail Negm is Vice-President and Head of Research at Majestic Asset Management. Negm is also an Eastern Bloc Lab volunteer.

Lynn Hughes
Lynn Hughes is a digital media researcher and artist who teaches at Concordia University where she co-founded TAG, the Technoculture, Art and Games Research Centre. Her own work focuses mostly on full body and other physical games. She sees game culture as a broad, diversified, exceedingly dynamic and evolving field that is central to contemporary culture.

Josée Brouillard
Josée Brouillard is a digital artist experimenting with interactive video installations. She is actively involved in Montreal artist-run culture, through centres such as Oboro, Studio XX, and Eastern Bloc.

Adam Basanta
Adam Basanta is a composer and sound artist whose work traverses electroacoustic and instrumental composition, audiovisual installations, site-specific interventions, laptop performance, and dynamic light design. Basanta teaches digital audio courses at Dawson College and Concordia University.